You may read my blog about Grant Cardone’s book Sell or Be Sold, and his 10x program that has inspired me and so many others to embrace sales and the entrepreneurs’ mentality as a way of life. 

Last Thursday I flew down to Miami for the 10x Business Boot Camp to learn more from Grant’s vision and experience. Getting out and expanding my personal, professional, and business horizons is a theme I’ve talked about before. This was a great chance to do just that, digging in to a program I believe in, in a city that pulses with entrepreneurial energy. 

Both the boot camp and Miami delivered!

The goal of the 10x workshop is pretty straight forward: in three days, Grant wants everybody to walk away with the tools they need, not only to improve sales, but to be models of success in whatever business they’re operating in. The various workshops focus on how to get serious about setting ambitious goals, generating and maintaining cash flow, drawing attention to your business, and building a brand with the content strategy to back it up. 

There’s no magic wand. You don’t sign up for the boot camp and walk away a millionaire. But, if you drill down on the 10x principles, you definitely capture a vision of how to grow your business ten times over. Some people might shrug this stuff off. But it’s not a pipe dream. 10’xing your business is no different then building houses or laying brick: you learn the principles, you learn how to use the tools, and you put them to work. 

With that in mind, one of the things Grant says that really resonates with me is that, “10x is not about excuses. It’s about solutions!” 

In whatever you do you can easily get bogged down in the hamster wheel, and lost in the logistics of income flow, taxes, expenses, and maybe even losses. Of course all those things are important. But you need to keep the bigger picture in mind. If you believe in the product you’re offering, and you know you can provide a solution to a customer’s problem, then you need to focus on providing the best product and service possible! When we get caught in the logistics hamster wheel is when we lose sight of our ultimate goals. Whether we realize it or not, our customers will pick up on that.  

I’m already a pretty energetic guy, and I’m pretty excited about the service I’m able to provide as a realtor. But that energy and excitement only grew after my three days at 10x Bootcamp. If you want to get connected with me, or just learn more about 10x, call (608 516 5984), email (, or DM on social.